Chase Lake Bird Photo Album Slide Show

Chase Lake Bird Photo Album:

Chase Lake is also home to many other species of birds, besides the Pelican

Panoramic Photo Album Choices:
· Chase Lake Birding
· Chase Lake Pelican Island
· Pelican Island May 2011
· Western Grebes Nesting May 2012
· Western Grebe Colony May 2012
· Birders May 2012

Slideshow Photo Album Choices:
· Chase Lake Area Scenery
· Medina/Chase Lake "SIGNED" Birding Route
· Area 31
· Pelican Slide Show
· Water Birds Photo Opportunities
· Prairie Birds Photo Opportunities
· Chase Lake Area Tours

American White Pelican


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Chase Lake Welcomes and sometimes sponsors Birders and Tour Groups.

Usually there are plenty of Birding Photo Opportunities in the Chase Lake Area.

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