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Karl Limvere

In Memory of
Karl Limvere
1945 ~ 2011

The President of Chase Lake Foundation, passed away on May 20, 2011. Since moving to Medina, ND in 1999, Karl became a dedicated member of the community, involving himself in several groups to help promote the well being of the community he lived in, and that of Stutsmann county. Karl was best known by our organization for his dedication to Chase Lake Foundation and to Birding Drives Dakota. He will be sorely missed by this organization and the community of Medina, ND.

In Memory of Karl Limvere
In memory of Karl Limvere - Wild Lilies, submitted photo copyright by Rick Bohn.
In Memory of Karl Limvere
Karl also served as a member of the Advisory Committee of the Central Grasslands Research Extension Center that celebrated their 30th Anniversary in 2011. They had this little memorial above for him.
Karl Limvere at Chase Lake Foundation Banquet
Karl Limvere, MC's at the 20th Anniversary Banquet of the Chase Lake Foundation that was held on Friday, March 18th, 2011. - In Memory Photo submitted by Rick Bohn.

Since 1999 Karl served as the pastor of Zion United Church of Christ until his death. He served on various boards and committees including Chase Lake Foundation, Lions and FAARMS. He was involved with Stutsman County Rural Water Association, North Dakota State Historical Society, National Executive Committee for United Church of Christ and moderator of the Northern Plains UCC. He helped start the Farmers Market in Valley City and Jamestown. He enjoyed gardening.

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